Restore Hope, Grow Capacity, Promote Community

Operation Mercy Kazakhstan aims to serve the poor and marginalised in Kazakhstan through community development and humanitarian aid projects. Our Almaty based team focuses in serving the most vulnerable –marginalised women and families, children facing a double burden of poverty and disability, and victims of human trafficking. Operation Mercy also runs a life skills programs to address HIV and AIDs, human trafficking, suicide and crisis pregnancy in our schools and communities.

Operation Mercy originally arrived in Kazakhstan in 1998 to provide relief in the South East. We have grown to become an organisation that prides itself on remaining long-term, providing lasting, transformational development in times of stability as well as crisis.

Operation Mercy is an international relief and development
organisation with over 20 years of experience. Our vision is to work in partnership with others to restore hope, grow capacity, and promote community through relief and development initiatives that help transform lives, including our own. We work in ten countries throughout Central Asia, North Africa and the Middle East.

Our Five Core Competencies:

  • Empowering Women
  • Improving Health
  • Caring for Children at Risk
  • Equipping the Next Generation
  • Responding to Crisis


  • Prayer – seeking God’s presence, blessing and involvement in our lives and work
  • Professionalism – providing high quality services guided by applicable international codes of practice
  • Peacemaking – facilitating the resolution of relational conflict
  • Perseverance – staying on-task for the long-term in spite of difficulties and discouragements
  • Partnership – involving the active participation of all stakeholders

Operation Mercy Kazakhstan has exciting news, as we say a warm welcome to Roger Beadle, the new Country Director. Rodger comes from a Computer / Business background with 11 years’ experience working on software development and computer systems that interact with the people systems for whom they were created. We are very pleased to have Rodger now working amongst us.

“Over the past four years, we as a family have taken specific steps to transition from the business world into the world where people are the main aim. As a family we relocated to the USA where I completed graduate studies. Through these studies I have grown a deep love for the vulnerable and developed a greater understanding of the importance of the protection and inclusion of the poor and marginalised.

Coming to a new place to serve with Operation Mercy is very exciting. Though there are many daunting challenges in understanding the cultural context and what is already happening here in Kazakhstan, there seem to be many exciting opportunities to serve the Kazakh people.”

Rodger Beadle, Operation Mercy Kazakhstan Director